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4G LTE GPS Tracker MT600 Plus

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MT600 Plus is a multifunctional 4G GPS tracker, fully supporting 4G LTE mobile networks, and also can extend to support Fuel sensor, temperature sensor, door sensor, siren, mic and speaker. It is commonly used to control driver behavior, track and locate individual vehicles, motorbikes or boats, and is a valuable tool for enhanced fleet management.


  • 4G LTE Network
     Support 4G LTE & 3G WCDMA, no 2G worries.
  • Two way audio/listen in
     External speaker and microphone, two way audio /listen in can be realized.
  • Multiple alert & reports
     Support SOS/low power/speeding/towing/geo-fence alert, ACC/mileage reports.
  • Multifunctional
     Support microphone, speaker, temperature sensor, fuel sensor, door sensor and siren.


  • Yachts and boats tracking
  • Vehicle/truck tracking
  • Asset security
  • Fleet management


  • Qualcomm 4G LTE chip
  • Customize mode to support global
  • Extend I/O Multifunctional
  • IOS & Android support
  • Protocol is open and compatible other third party platform
  • White Label